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02.01.1909 at 15:00 Clarence Park

Attendance :

St Albans City

4 - 0

Harpenden Town

Referee : Herts County League

Tommy Walker
Tommy Walker
Leslie Hosier
Leslie Hosier
Opening squads
H. Kerrison
Harry Davis
Charles Patrick
A. Sharpe
H. Chapman
George Butcher
Tom Noel
Tommy Walker
G. Atkins
Victor Bourdon
Leslie Hosier
None. None
Yellow cards
None. None
Red cards
None. None
Match report
Following their brilliant performance of the previous week, St Albans City met and vanquished the Harpenden team in the Herts County League on Saturday.
This is a good performance and considering the state of the ground at Clarence Park, is all the more praiseworthy for the homesters. Three reserves were playing(1), but for all this the team played well together.
The visitors were outclassed, the City playing good footer all through. The extreme wingers for Harpenden were good, but of the visitors the backs and Sygrove played the best game. They were sure and sound and with the goals Sygrove had no chance to save.
The homesters all played well. The forwards combining in good style. Butcher(2) and Hosier made a fine right wing and it was only hard luck that prevented the former from scoring. Noel and Walker understand each other and were responsible for some good work. Atkins is a good man and should in time develop into a smart winger. All the halves played well and Davis played a grand game, especially with his head. Chapman improves on each occasion and Sharpe, although rather slow, was sound. Bourdon and Patrick played their usual safe game and Kerrison admirably disposed of the few shots which were levelled at him.

1 Atkins, Butcher and Sharpe
2 George Butcher(1890 - 1970) signed for West Ham United in 1910 making 71 appearances, moving to Luton Town in 1921 where he played 121 games before returning to City as 1st team trainer in 1926.
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